/Cheryl Cole for UK X Factor Return?

Cheryl Cole for UK X Factor Return?

Debate surrounding the X Factor reached a climax yesterday after Cheryl Cole was removed of her role on the US X Factor. This has come as a shock to the many fans within the UK although viewers in the US are believed to welcome the decision. Although an official statement has yet to be released about why this has happened it is believed that some viewers struggled to understand the strong Geordie accent of Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole.

As an official statement has yet to be released many rumours have emerged suggesting that it is Simon Cowell that has removed Cole from the post. This seems unlikely for many of the shows fans as Cowell had worked hard to ensure that Cole appeared on the US version.

Cole has now returned to the UK and is understandably disappointed by the decision that has been made and what she will now do remains to be seen.

There have been suggestions that Cole will be offered her old job role on the UK X Factor back, although reports today are suggesting that she may turn down this offer. UK X Factor fans are hoping that she will accept this offer it is made as the show appears to have had a major overhaul that has seen all of the judges except Louis Walsh being replaced. Just recently Dannii Minogue revealed that she would not be part of the show due to other commitments.

ITV producers who are in charge of the UK version of the show may now hope to tempt to Cole back in order to boost the reputation of the up and coming series. Many fans would welcome the star back, although much of her success was due to the chemistry that her and Simon Cowell had built up.

A statement is now expected from Cowell revealing why Cole has been removed from her post and who will replace her on the show. This comes as a bitter blow for Cole and can be regarded as a PR nightmare for the US X Factor.