/Cheryl Cole to Return?

Cheryl Cole to Return?

The stories around this years X Factor do not appear to be going anywhere as the latest statement releases appears to suggest that Cheryl Cole will return to the US X Factor just one week after she was asked to leave.

Cole was asked to leave the show after the audience of the USA X Factor had not taken to her very well, it is believed that some viewers had found it difficult to understand what Cole was saying due to her strong Geordie accent. Producers made the decision and Cole was replaced on the judges panel. The producers of the show are keen to make the X Factor work as this is the first series within the US and it faces strong competition against the television show American Idol.

Simon Cowell has also moved his role across to the US and he will appear in a minimum role on the UK X Factor. As a close friend of Cole he had battled hard to ensure that Cheryl Cole would feature on the new series in the US and his battle paid off when she was given the role. Although when she was asked to leave the media speculated that the relationship between Cowell and Cole had deteriorated significantly.

Although it now appears that Cowell has convinced the producers to have Cole back on the show, although in what capacity this will be has yet to be announced. This is just yet another installment of public relations that appears to have centred around the show for several months.

On having her contract terminated on the US version of the show the ITV producers for the UK version quickly stepped in to offer Cole her old role back on the show. She was given a deadline of when she must accept by, although this deadline passed and she did not accept.

Fans in the UK are now eagerly awaiting the start of the show with many people questioning whether the new judging panel that has been appointed will be as good as the previous.