/Cheryl Cole to Join The Voice

Cheryl Cole to Join The Voice

The BBC are investing huge sums of money to ensure that they can compete with the X Factor this year. In a controversial battle for ratings the BBC has invested millions in producing a rival television show, The Voice.

Similar to the X Factor contest the contestants on The Voice will compete in order to secure a recording contract. Many have questioned why the BBC, a state owned television station, would invest such large amounts of money in competing with the X Factor.

A star studded judges table will feature on the new BBC television show and the latest name being suggested to feature on this is Cheryl Cole. The BBC are attempting to tempt the former X Factor judge to the new music show.

Whilst the BBC have suggested they are confident that they will do this, the twenty eight year old artist has stated that she is currently hard at work on her own new album.

It is believed that Cheryl Cole is being offered around £750,000 by The Voice to feature as a judge on the new music contest.
This would be a huge scoop for the new show after the X Factor had hoped to regain her services after she failed to impress the US X Factor audience.

The agent of Cheryl Cole and Black Eyed Peas member, WilIIAM, has already signed up to be a judge on The Voice; this could be enough to sway the Geordie onto the new show.