/Cheryl Cole 3rd Album Completion

Cheryl Cole 3rd Album Completion

Many people may now associate Cheryl Cole with being a general celebrity rather than being a music artist. It has been some time since Cheryl last released any music and her main focus in recent times has been on her television opportunities. Cheryl has also had numerous other business opportunities that she has spent her time on.

Just yesterday the singer revealed through a social networking site that her third album is complete. The singer stated that she was very happy with the completion and very excited to share it with all of her fans.

Cheryl Cole revealed the completion of her album after returning to London from Los Angeles where she has been working on the album.

Reports suggested that Cheryl would take her time releasing this album after her Messy Little Raindrops release in 2010. The artist made up part of the girl group Girls Aloud in previous times, although an official permanent breakup has never been announced.

Speaking about the album Cheryl has stated that she is confident this is her best album ever and the finishing touches are now being added. A release date has not been confirmed but she is hoping to have a single out by March.

Cheryl revealed she had felt rushed to complete her second album on time for release but this time she has taken her time.