/My Chemical Romance Announce Split

My Chemical Romance Announce Split

Popular band My Chemical Romance who have achieved numerous accolades within the UK have announced that they will be splitting up. The band are best known within the UK for their number one single Welcome To The Black Parade.

The frontman of the band, Gerard Way, has revealed that they are all very happy proud of their achievements.

My Chemical Romance who started the band in New Jersey enjoyed a twelve year career and an excellent run within the UK music charts. The band have announced that they are splitting but did not indicate any of the reasons as to why this decision has been made.

The band made the majority of headlines in the UK in 2008 when they marched into the headquarters of the newspaper the Daily Mail in London. At the time the newspaper had portrayed the band members as being part of a ‘sinister cult of emo’, something that the band strongly denied.

During 2011 the band were the headline act at the Reading and Leeds festival; they were also joined on stage by the guitarist from Queen, Brian May.

In 2012 the drummer of the band Michael Pedicone was sacked after it was found that he had been stealing from his bandmates.

It has yet to be revealed whether the band will release a goodbye album or perform live together again.