/All Change in the UK Charts

All Change in the UK Charts

Just last week there was a shock entrance at the number one spot in the UK music charts. Controversial music artist Cher Lloyd entered number one with her debut album Swagger Jagger, the artist saw off stiff competition to take this spot. Made famous through the popular X Factor platform Cher Lloyd raises mixed opinions among music fans, to gain the number one spot she knocked the popular X Factor based band JSL from number one.

Although whilst the young singer made have gained her first number one with her debut single it did not last very long. After just one week the star has been taken over by Nero with the single Promises. Not only this but JLS outsold Cher Lloyd and the band remain the number two position, Lloyd now holds the number three position in the charts.

Cher Lloyd has become the second artist to have a number one selling single from the X Factor 2010 show, winner Matt Cardle also held the number one spot with his debut release. All eye are now on the young boy band One Direction who have released a single, the popular group which also involved in the 2010 X Factor show.

The television show will return in the coming weeks, with many music pundits suggesting this will impact upon the charts. In previous years songs that have been performed on the show have reentered the charts and remained there for several years. It remains to be seen how popular the show will be this year after major changes across the judges panel.

Despite being knocked from number one after just one week Cher Lloyd insists that she is the happiest girl alive. Speaking out the star stated that achieving her first number one from her debut single was like a dream come true. Lloyd has seen off great criticism and has achieved a number one against all odds.

Elsewhere in the charts David Guetta and Christina Perri have both risen to take positions four and five. The chart topping band The Wanted have fallen to number six with their single Glad You Came. Number seven is held by Ed Sheeran, number eight by Rizzle Kicks, number nine by DJ Fresh and number ten by Beyonce.