/Change in Music Legislation?

Change in Music Legislation?

The cross sector trade body UK Music is calling on the main players in the music business to take action and ensure they contribute to the government plans referring to music. The body is calling on the music industry to take action and consider the government consultation in relation to the plans to deregulate elements of the 2003 Licensing Act. This could see a major strain being placed on live music promoters across the music industry, although grass roots artists will be hit the most.

The consultation was announced in September by the Tourism & Heritage Minister John Penrose. Years of campaigns have been carried out by the music industry stating that there is too much red tape in relation to promoters and small grass roots artists. In line with the act it has made it harder for gigs to be held at smaller venues and therefore the opportunities for grass roots artists has been reduced.

There has been consultations carried out relating to this issue previously by other cabinet ministers and it now remains to be seen what will happen with the proposals.

UK music industry experts are being called upon to take action and to contribute to the whole act.