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Take That Cancel Show

It has become one of the most successful tours of all time but now for the first time in their career the band Take That have had to cancel a concert. The decision to cancel the concert was taken after the band member Robbie Williams was taken ill, it is believed that he is suffering from food poisoning.

The show was due to be held in Denmark but the decision was taken to the cancel the performance. An announcement was made by the band via Twitter and they stated that they were devastated at having to cancel the show and let all of their fans down.

The management for the band revealed that Williams became extremely ill after consuming lobster and that his condition deteriorated considerably throughout the night. Medical staff were called in order to assess the condition of the singer and in order to provide a diagnosis. After a thorough examination the medical professionals that the singer was simply suffering from food poisoning and that there were no further issues.

The band released a statement which stated that this was the first ever concert which they have cancelled and that they did not make the decision lightly. They went on to state that this was a horrible decision and one which they spent large amount of time agonizing over.

Every attempt was made by the band and the management in order to ensure that the show would be on. Robbie Williams had his dressing room relocated to the stadium where they would be performing in the hope that he would recover in time and this would also allow him to have prepared for the show. Williams was prescribed medication by medical staff which he took but this did not clear the vomiting, it was therefore insisted by the medical staff that he did not perform.

The statement clearly outlined that the decision was made by the whole band and not one individual. This tour has been one of the most popular tours of all times and those who have seen the show have been extremely complimentary.