/Calvin Harris Struck By Illness

Calvin Harris Struck By Illness

It has been previously been reported that DJ Calvin Harris successfully battled food poisoning to play his DJ set at the recent Creamfields festival. The artist had been tweeting that he was set to miss the festival after being struck down with a bad dose of food poisoning. Although the artist did actually only perform one day at the festival and was meant to be performing on two nights. Scottish DJ Calvin Harris has gained increased popularity over the past few years and his music continues to attract higher audiences.

The music producer stated he had no other choice then to cancel two of the performances which he should have been part of. One of the gigs was the Sunday festival day at Creamfields. On the same night the DJ was due to perform a live DJ set a nightclub in Middlesbrough but this also had to be cancelled due the illness that had struck the DJ down.

It is believed that Calvin Harris dropped both gigs due to a serious food poisoning issue, believed to be salmonella. Fans were obviously left disappointed by the fact he could not perform but his management team stated that there was no other option than to cancel the performances.

Harris posted numerous tweets apologising to the fans that were due to see him; a conventional way of communicating with fans which seems to be taken on by numerous artists. The DJ tweeted, “Really sorry guys who wanted to see me at Creamfields today (and) middlesborough (sic) tonight, i’ve had to cancel i’ve got really bad food poisoning. I managed to do Creamfields on Sat but i can’t lie it was a massive struggle and i’ve been in bed ever since…! Hope you understand” and “Turns out it’s salmonella by the way. Got through 2 and a half bog rolls (toilet tissue) through the night”.

This is the second well known artist who has had to cancel gigs recently due to illness, it was reported earlier this week that Adele had to cancel two tour dates due to a serious throat infection.