/Calvin Harris to Change Focus

Calvin Harris to Change Focus

Calvin Harris has revealed that he will not sing on any future tracks which he produces. The popular DJ has made a name for himself in the music industry with many popular hits, usually involving collaborations with popular artists.

Although the musician has had numerous top hits he revealed that he would change the focus of his music after he completed a lunchtime slot in the main stage at the popular event, T in the Park two years ago. At this time Harris had become popular with two number one hits, I’m Not Alone and The Girls.

Despite having the number one hits Harris feels that he will not get to the point in his career where he wishes to if he continues to sing on tracks. Harris felt that in order to make headline status he must stick to what he is good at and that is being a DJ>

For this reason he has vowed to drop the singing and to continue to produce music which features only deck music. Many fans and industry experts feel that this move has paid off significantly for Harris, especially as he is no supporting Rihanna. Furthermore he will also be the headline act at the King Tut’s Wah Wah Tent at T in the Park, the very event which made him change his music focus.

Harris stated that he realised he had reached his peek with singing and with having a band involved, he felt that he would always be allocated an afternoon quiet stage at any event and he wished to be a headline act.

Calvin Harris realises that being a DJ will be highly difficult but he feels he has the talent to see off the popular French DJ David Guetta.

The time spent on singing was a large proportion of time and Harris is now questioning whether he was a good enough singer to devote such a portion of time. Harris stated that it was not worth it for himself, the band or the people who were paying good money to see him play.