/Calming the Storm: Dead Weather

Calming the Storm: Dead Weather

It seems as though Jack White’s done it again.
Naturally, with his stellar success not only in Detroit rock favourite The White Stripes and raw folk rock group the Raconteurs/Saboteurs, White is no stranger to receiving kudos from his work.
Yet, moving on and trying new things he’s found a well balanced mix of likeminded musicians and created The Dead Weather.

Premiering his new band during a selective release in his new favourite town Nashville, White uncovered a deep and raw compilation of songs with emotion and attitude, that fail to be pretentious.

This all new Jack White lineup takes him back to his drumming roots, while putting some newer faces on the scene to the front of the line. Alison Mosshart from the Kills absolutely nails every song with her deep throaty sound matching this rusty sound coming from the minds of Jack Lawrence (Raconteurs) and Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age)

With such an ecclectic mix of musical minds, the music world is waiting with baited breath to see what this band is going to produce.

Their two available songs Hang You from the Heavens and Are Friends Electric? Provide an interesting insight into the psych-guitar and groove drum infused songs that are set to excite.
Each song seems to take a little bit of influence from each member’s genre while accurately mixing and combining into a diverse mix that creates a sound of music so deep, it becomes reminiscent of 1960s/70s root funk straight from Memphis. Are Friends Electric? Is a cover of the Gary Numan classic, providing an interesting and more modern (yet old) twist on the King of Synthpop’s chart topper.

With a small crowd at the Third Man studios created by Jack White, a small group of people including Meg White and Sheryl Crow witnessed the new tracks by the “supergroup.”
The songs performed in the new studio were recorded on 150 limited edition singles for friends, which the band reportedly hand painted themselves, as well as including a series of photo-booth style photos, original for each individual single handed out.

The songs were recorded under White’s new music label, a small company which also carries its own vinyl pressing room, jam room and photography studio. With such a compact community created amongst White and his vast circle of friends, be sure to see some more side projects making
its way into the industry some time soon!

Jack White is known for his innovative twist on the old styles, so when paired with these other pioneering artists, the sound is sure to please as well as remain true to their roots. Be sure to check out their independently released album, as well as admire their new producing talents as White took the lead with producing duties.

The Dead Weather’s release ‘Horehound’ will grace the stores in June, however a sneak preview is available off their website, as well as available for purchase through itunes.

Click here to watch their clip for Hang You From the Heavens and here for their homepage