/BWO Single Review: Right Here Right Now

BWO Single Review: Right Here Right Now


Released August 31st

Well what can I say, other than a nice slice of Euro Pop is the perfect way to liven up a rather dull Monday afternoon. It’s provided by BWO, a huge success story in Scandinavia, and a group that hold the record for the most Pan European chart hits this century. They release their UK single ‘Right Here Right Now’ on August 31st, with the video already proving a hit on youtube.

This video is a delightful retro feast of pulsing 3D graphics, pop art influences, and many T.V screens. It all takes me back to the heyday of acts like The Pet Shop Boys, and I challenge anyone not to feel nostalgic watching it. The song itself takes elements of retro disco sounds, and combines those with modern Euro Pop, and the odd tribute to acts like The Killers, Goldfrapp et al. It’s a smooth, well produced Disco/Electro track, and while it doesn’t seem all that unique in terms of style, it still had me singing along. Another Swedish pop sensation Velvet, provides guest vocals on this track, and the male/female vocal combination is harmonious and strong. It’s all rather catchy, and to be honest, much better than what we hear on Eurovision every year. I hope this band continue to be a hit in the UK, as I’d certainly like to hear more of them, and even if you don’t admit it, I’m sure some of you would too.

To find out more about the group visit http://www.bwoonline.com/