/Bruno Mars: The man of the moment

Bruno Mars: The man of the moment

Bruno Mars is being regarded as the man of the moment in the music industry after his sudden rise to fame. The singer, songwriter and producer is only 25 and has already achieved many great things. He has produced music for some of the biggest chart stars including Flo Rida, Alexandra Burke and B.o.B. Bruno peviously worked heavily behind the scenes within the music industry and has only recently begun his career as a solo artist. He ahs now stated that he is a musician, he wants to perform and sing. He was born in Hawaii and his real name is Peter Gene Hernandez and he began performing from the age of 4. His rise to fame was helped after being featured on and helping to write the hit song Nothin on You by B.o.B.

He also featured on Billionaire, the hit song by former Gym Class Heroes singer Travie McCoy. Bruno Mars is now touring with the singer Travie McCoy. Mars has stated that getting used to being in the public eye has been difficult, “It’s not like the movies, and I’ve learned that. I thought it was but even when you get signed, you think that hit records are going fall into your lap and you’re going to tour but it’s not like that at all”.

Bruno Mars has been spoken about by some of the biggest influential people in the music industry including Simon Cowell, who is backing Bruno to grow even bigger in terms of fame and popularity.