/Broken Links: The Fine Line Between Choice/Decay (EP)

Broken Links: The Fine Line Between Choice/Decay (EP)

In amongst a big pile of review CD’s that came in to music.co.uk recently, I unearthed this, an EP from three piece act Broken Links, which is their second release in the year they have been together. The six tracks on this EP are described as ‘Industrial Pop Space Rock’, and although I can’t hear anything very ‘pop’ about it, the rest of this description is pretty accurate. It’s very experimental, with quite a few variations of tone and pace throughout the songs. All the tracks are quite long too, leaving room for some fuzzy, heavy, instrumentals, which in the case of ‘What Are You Waiting For’, and ‘Therapy Sessions In The Dark’, were quite eerie. The 80’s has also been an influence for this group, and you can hear that quite clearly in EP opener ‘Reinvent’, along with a power rock segment, and a toned down beat/piano part towards the end.

As you can tell, Broken Links like to pack as many sounds as they can into one song, and mix them all up a bit. Sometimes, as in their atmospheric track ‘Choice/Decay’ it works fairly well, where as at other times, it’s almost like the band are trying a little too hard, and it’s more noisy than memorable hook wise. It would’ve been good to hear more of the vocalist in some of the tracks too. It’s an interesting EP that takes you in quite a few unexpected directions; it’s just a bit too much for me in one song/one EP!

If you’d like to check out ‘Broken Links’ for yourself, then their EP is available now, and we’ve heard tell it’s available on I-Tunes, Amazon, HMV, Tesco, Napster, and Spotify. Their official weblink is: www.brokenlinksmusic.co.uk.