/Brits Honoured at the Grammys

Brits Honoured at the Grammys

The Grammy Awards managed to achieve the second biggest audience in the past twenty years. The ceremony was held on Sunday and as always attended by all of the well known musicians.

In total there was 28.1 million Americans who tuned in to watch this year’s broadcast of the awards ceremony. Whilst this is the second highest in twenty years this total was thirty percent down on last year.

This year awards were presented to The Black Keys, Fun & Goyte, Adele and numerous other artists. The most prestigious award of the night, the album of the year prize, was presented to the popular British band Mumford & Sons.

Organisers of the Grammys have seen the number of people watching the ceremony on television increase ever since the emphasis moved from speeches to performances.

Those watching will have Justin Timberlake make his return to music after taking a break for just over six years. Live performances were also made by Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Sting. A tribute to Bob Marley was made by Bruno Mars, Ziggy and Damian Marley.

A further tribute was held to the US rock legend Helm, this was performed by Mumford & sons, Elton John, the Zac Brown Band and Mavis Staples.