/Britney Spears UK Tour

Britney Spears UK Tour

The American singer Britney Spears has announced that she will tour in the UK. The controversial star has only returned to music recently after a significant break where she focused on her personal life.

Since arriving back in the music market the singer has achieved numerous great things, along with achieving the top spot in the UK charts. Britney Spears had announced earlier before her return that she planned to leave the music industry, although this now looks unlikely.

The tour will being in the UK in October with tickets expected to go on sale soon. Her fans are likely to scramble for tickets as the previous tours produced by the artist have been highly rated and also sell outs. Britney has named the tour The Femme Fatale, this is a world tour that will visit several different countries. Before arriving in the UK Britney will kick off in Sacramento.

This will be first time that Britney ,aged 29 has performed in the UK since 2009. Controversy surrounded her last tour, the Circus tour due to numerous different reasons. Despite the majority of fans stating the tour was of high quality, the media stated that Britney had in fact been miming throughout the tour.

Britney Spears has stated that she is looking forward to returning to the UK and that it has been too long since she last performed to her fans. The tour will travel around the UK visiting Belfast, Birmingham, London and the closure of the tour will be in Manchester in November.

The singer has sold more than 100 million records throughout the world and is hoping that her next tour will be as significant as her previous in relation to money made. The last tour made a gross income of £75 million.