/British Music Festivals in Decline

British Music Festivals in Decline

The media are currently questioning whether the British public have fallen out of love with the British music festival scene. In recent months there has been numerous festivals that have been cancelled. The most recent festival to be cancelled is Sonisphere and numerous major festivals have taken a year off this summer.

The most notable events to have been cancelled this year include the Big Chill and most recently Sonisphere, there has also been numerous smaller events cancelled.

It is now being questioned whether the British music festival will survive, although there are also hints that the Olympics and Euro 2012 has had an impact on the attendances of festivals.

Whilst many festivals do appear to be suffering there are plenty of festivals that continue to do well, including Reading and Leeds, Rockness, Camp Bestival and Bestival.

Some smaller festivals are also achieving great things but generally the festivals have not done great.

Festival organisers are struggling to pin down a major reason as to why festivals are not attracting the numbers they have previously. Last year festivals were not well attended and those who did attend did criticise the festivals.

Many festivals fans are stating the cost of festivals has had a huge impact on the attendance figures. There is an increasingly smaller amount of people attending due to the increasing costs.