/Brandon Flowers ‘winds down’ solo work

Brandon Flowers ‘winds down’ solo work

It was only last month that Brandon Flowers shot straight to number one with his solo debut album Flamingo but he is already rumoured to be winding down any solo work. The album was predominantly written whilst on tour with The Killers last year, and would have been one of the bands albums if the group had not decided to take a year off. Brandon last week performed at a sell out gig at the Brixton Academy in London. He has stated that the band are really happy he did a solo album and that there is no tension at all within the camp of The Killers.

Brandon also stated his reason for doing a solo album, “I can’t take two years off, I mean it is hard for me to just walk on stage. It’s something that I didn’t feel comfortable doing in the beginning and I’m just starting to feel like I belong there and I don’t want to lose that”. Therefore his main purpose of the album was to continue his momentum and to continue to build his confidence on stage. The majority of The Killers fans will be happy to hear that band is not splitting up and they will be recording new material in the near future. Brandon confirmed that he would return to the band and that his career was within The Killers, although he also stated he was very happy with the solo work he had created.