/Branchage Film Festival Hits All The Right Notes This October

Branchage Film Festival Hits All The Right Notes This October

The countdown has begun to one of the most hotly anticipated events in the British Calendar, The Branchage International Film Festival, held in Jersey from October 1st-4th. Details have come in thick and fast of all the events, previews, screenings, and entertainment available at this year’s event, and we’re very pleased to say that Music will play quite a big part in the 2009 festival.

Sponsorship from The Jersey Trust Company and Spearpoint, mean festival organisers can play host to some top musical acts, who will playing live accompaniments to films, and taking part in other celebrations at the festival. It all sounds very exciting, especially when you delve further into the event details!

On October 2nd there will be a special event taking place called Animagica, bringing magic, mystery, and fairytales to life. This event will feature The Paper Cinema, who tell stories using intricate paper illustrations, and Icelandic musicians Amiina. This female group play everything from strings and glockenspiels, to wine glasses. They will be performing a live soundtrack to films by Lotte Reiniger. Lotte’s films are interpretations of the Disney classics Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. This event takes place at Jersey Opera House on October 2nd.

Another key live event, features band of the moment British Sea Power, who travel to Jersey to give a performance of their album ‘Man of Aran’, the soundtrack to a film of the same name. This critically acclaimed band will also take to the stage of Jersey Opera House, this time on October 4th.

Other musical highlights to look out for at this year’s festival are all on screen. The Arctic Monkeys feature in the film ‘Le Donk’, while Apex Twin have produced the soundtrack for the film ‘Sleep Furiously’ which is screening at the festival. Music documentaries also play their part in the festival, and this year’s line-up is sure to fascinate film goers. ‘The Posters Came from the Walls’ tells the story of Eastern European Depeche Mode fans, while ‘All Tomorrows Parties’ is a D.I.Y concert film that was ten years in the making.

It sounds like a pretty strong and versatile line-up of entertainment, that’s undoubtedly just a small portion of what’s available at this year’s Branchage. It’s great to see the diverse opportunities available for music and film to collide, especially with the live soundtrack performances/screenings. A real treat in Jersey’s event calendar!

The Branchage Film Festival will host events at venues across Jersey. For more information visit www.branchagefestival.com