/Bon Jovi Announces UK Tour

Bon Jovi Announces UK Tour

Bon Jovi has announced a cut price UK tour which is likely to be majorly popular. The artist has announced a number of dates that are meant to appeal to people rather than putting people off seeing live music.

The popular music legend has stated that ordinary fans have been priced out of the live music market and therefore there is a need for cut price music.

The rockers will be completing a world tour in 2013 and will be warming up for this with their UK tour.

UK tour dates that have been announced by the artist include:

Manchester Etihad Stadium on June 8th
Birmingham Villa Park on June 9th
Cardiff City Stadium on June 12th
Sunderland Stadium of Light on June 13th
Glasgow Hampden Park on July 3rd

Ticket prices have been announced as being between £12.50 and £125.00, prices will be dependent upon the location of the seats selected. Tickets will be on sale from November 1st and are likely to sell out within a number of days.