/Blur Rock Hyde Park

Blur Rock Hyde Park

As previously reported thousands of people travelled to London in order to watch the closing ceremony of the Olympics 2012. Millions of people around the world watched the ceremony from their homes and within parks offering giant screens.

Many people chose to purchase tickets for Hyde Park in London where Blur would be performing in order to celebrate the closing of the Olympics.

The first number one from Blur was in 1991 and they were regarded as one of the most popular bans in the UK at this time.

Before the concert had started the frontman of the band, Damon Albarn, confirmed that this could have been the bands last ever performance together. People questioned whether this was true or whether the singer was just trying to steal some of the headlines away from the Olympics.

Before the concert started in Hyde Park parts of the closing ceremony was presented on large screens. The 80,000 strong crowd rocked away to Madness and enjoyed the terrific show that was taking place.

Blur then proceeded to rock the park for two hours through playing some of the most popular songs, including Girls and Boys.

Those who went to the concert confirmed that it had been a fantastic performance and now only time will tell whether the band continue to perform.