/Blue take on Eurovision

Blue take on Eurovision

The Eurovision Song Contest is something that England are not always great at, in fact the truth is that in recent years the performances from the representatives of the country have fallen short. The boyband Blue have now been appointed as this years representatives and they now have the job of restoring the nations pride.

Although whilst the Eurovision selection panel have selected a band which is relatively well known within the UK, the extent to which other nations will enjoy their performance is being questioned. Just one BBC radio station has pre-played the song they will perform ahead of their performance and this therefore means very few people will be aware of what to expect from the band.

Band member Lee Ryan, well known for making the headlines for all of the wrong reasons, has stated that all the band wants is for the country to get behind them, although this appears to be too much to ask.

Blue do not have to achieve great things in order to better the result of last year. Eurovision 2010 saw the UK finish in joint last, the performer was Josh Dubovie with That Sounds Good To Me. The UK have now finished bottom in the contest three times in the past eight years.

The poor performances which the UK repeatedly displays within the Eurovision come as a shock to many people as the UK music industry dominates many parts of Europe. UK artists such as Adele and Tinie Tempah are appreciated across Europe, not just within the UK.

The Eurovision contest will be the first gig that the Band have performed since they regrouped several months ago, they had been split up for around 6 years. In their heyday the band Blue had numerous number one hits including All Rise. They have performed to over 130 million people across the world.

The band believe they have a very good chance of winning the competition and believe the song that has been selected is perfect. Blue saw off numerous other acts in order to represent the UK. One of the acts included the brothers John and Edward, known as Jedward, from the UK X Factor.