/The Blockheads Are Back…Again

The Blockheads Are Back…Again

If you remember fondly the days of punk and new wave music, then the chances are you’ll also remember the Blockheads, once fronted by iconic musician Ian Dury, who lost his life to cancer in 2000. Even if you’re too young to remember the punk/new wave era, you may have seen The Blockheads live, accompanied by Phil Jupitus, or seen them on T.V. However they’ve been remembered, it’s now time to celebrate, because The Blockheads are back, with a new album and tour.

The current line-up of the band: Chaz Jankel, Mick Gallagher, Norman Watt-Roy, John Turnball, Dylan Howe, and Gilad Atzmon, release ‘Staring Down The Barrel’ on April 6th 2009. The album will also introduce new vocalist Derek Hussey, who has lyric writing credits, and its release coincides with the 30th Anniversary of one of the groups most memorable hits. Happy 30th to that classic track ‘Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick’.

If buying a C.D just isn’t enough then you can catch The Blockheads live throughout the U.K and France from April 1st. The tour will showcase their new album and some classic hits as well, as it takes in venues in Paris, London, Southend, Swindon, Brighton, and Basildon amongst others.

Full gig listings and ticketing details are available @ www.theblockheads.com but there’s one final piece of news to reveal before I go. It’s also been confirmed that a biopic is being made about Ian Dury, featuring tracks from The Blockheads and starring Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings) in the lead role. Make sure you mark 2010 in your diaries for the films release, and in the meantime, don’t forget The Blockheads album and tour.