/It Certainly Is Blitz! Yeah Yeah Yeahs Album Review

It Certainly Is Blitz! Yeah Yeah Yeahs Album Review

 It has been far far too long since we’ve heard that funky and terribly quirky voice from Karen O. Her amazing vocal techniques, paired with the fantastic guitar stylings of Nick Zinner and the intuitive beats of Brian Chase have made their way back into our lives with a bang.

The bands last album Show Your Bones was an incredible indie affair with many singles making their ways into the charts, as well as creating a huge notice when they toured around the world to support their efforts. The last album was packed with raw songs heavy on the guitar and bass riffs, which is almost entirely different from this year’s It’s Blitz!

It’s Blitz! Seems to take a page out of the book of Blondie. With the usual Karen O vocals and the interesting riffs that the band creates, they have added a synth dance attitude that is sure to make its way onto the dance floors of every club in town. The synth and dance vibe further accelerates the band into major notice with a large range of songs and sounds that are going to please even the most critical of audiences.

Starting out with heavily synth infused pop single Zero gears up audiences for a fun dance throughout the story that the album tells. Moving quickly through Heads Will Roll, an affair that reminds the audiences gained from previous albums that their style still holds fast.

Soft Shock takes an interesting stance on on the usual YYY’s sound. The song is rich with ballad sounding melodies and lyrical concepts which also moves almost effortlessly throughout the song creating ann interesting calming and ethereal sound. Skeletons also follows this formula, which gives the album a pleasant continuity which also leads you into several other stories and melodies to grow to love.

Dull Life introduces that catchy infectious melodic hook that we’re very familiar with when it comes to the YYYs, the bonus in this one being that they’ve further evolved their sound and actively tried to provide their fans with a new sound that resonates well with new and old audiences.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs provide an oldschool punk-new wave vibe that hasn’t been heard in quite some time. With their infectious pop lyrics paired with a newer powerful guitar rhythm that tears through cliché guitar riffs and maintains a steady, yet atmospheric edge that compliments the fsat paced drum beat.

It’s Blitz! Is a breakthrough album for Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Their previous albums being catchy and fun, but consistently maintaing their sound without much evolution. This album pushes the envelope for their sound giving a great dance vibe, while also giving a more chilled out approach to their slower songs. With the heavy synth influence, the album definitely lends itself to a new wave sound but putting the Karen O edge on, which definitely packs a punch.

The album is available worldwide April 3rd, currently available through iTunes, and in some CD stores with early release (if you’re lucky).


Stars out of 5: 4.8/5 (no one can be perfect!)

Standout Tracks: Dull Life, Runaway, Little Shadow