/Black Soul Strangers: ‘The Haunting’

Black Soul Strangers: ‘The Haunting’

There must be something in the water over in Ireland at the moment, as we’re getting an influx of music sent to us here at music.co.uk HQ. The next act on my review agenda is Black Soul Strangers with their second single release, The Haunting. This is a band that have recently garnered support from the likes of NME, and BBC Radio 2, but the question is, not do they have support, but is their music worthy of it? My answer would be yes and no.

The band have adopted a current, slightly industrial, indie style with this song, which marches along to a spikey, almost eerie drum beat, particularly in the verses. These verses are quite slow and fractured, and for me this meant it took a while to get into the song, but it soon grew on me, thanks in part to the well written chorus. The vocal is also pretty strong and distinctive too, although I think there are a few noisy musical/vocal clashes towards the end, which were a little hard to listen to. That said, the band have produced an ambient song, with interesting lyrics, that was softer and more subtle than I expected. The drum arrangements will help this song stand out from the crowd, and although it didn’t capture me quite as much as some other artists, I still enjoyed it, and would recommend checking the song out!

‘The Haunting: is available now on I-Tunes. For more information check out www.myspace.com/blacksoulstrangers