/Black Sabbath Confirm New Album

Black Sabbath Confirm New Album

Heavy metal band Black Sabbath have revealed that they will be releasing a new album in June of this year. The well known band, which includes the music legend Ozzy Osbourne, is planning to launch the album in the UK, this will be the first music the band has released in thirty five years.

The band have now confirmed that the new album will be named ‘13’ and will launched in June 2013.

This will be Black Sabbath’s 19th studio album that the band has produced and this will be number nine for Ozzy Osbourne. Fans of the band are unsure why the album has been named ‘13’ and speculation has mounted greatly around this. It has recently been confirmed that the band have recorded fifteen songs for the album.

It is thought that the album may have been named 13 as it is being released during 2013.

Band member Tony Iommi is currently being treated for cancer and therefore part of the album has been recorded in the UK whilst he receives treatment. The majority of the work on the album was completed in Los Angeles by producer Rick Rubin.

There will be a new drummer on the album, this has been revealed to be Brad Wilk who is a co-founder of Rage Against the Machine.

The band will also tour their new album in April and May; the band will play live dates in New Zealand, Australia and Japan.