/Black Lips Take Control Of August

Black Lips Take Control Of August

I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t aware Top Man had a music program, let alone one that gives chosen artists control of the Top Man My Space for a whole month. To give you the lowdown, Top Man Ctrl is an on-going monthly project that offers a unique opportunity to showcase new music. Each month, fans of the Top Man Ctrl My Space page can enjoy music, blogs, photo’s and more, from that months band, before heading down to an exclusive gig when the bands month in ctrl is over.

We’ve heard news that this months band is already in the driving seat, and waiting to welcome you into their world. August is the month to enjoy My Space Black Lips style. The band hail from Atlanta Georgia, and have described themselves as a ‘flowery punk band’. Their new album entitled ‘200 Thousand Million’ features a collaboration with none other than GZA from the Wu Tang Clan. It’s not only their records that are helping to build them a fan base in the U.K, but their live performances too, though their on-stage antics might just be matched by those acts who the band have chosen to perform at the special Top Man Ctrl gig on August 26th.

The live concert will take place at Start The Bus in Bristol, and will feature acts exclusively chosen by The Black Lips. This venue is already well known for featuring an eclectic mix of live acts and D.J’s, and this special gig will do nothing to dampen that reputation. The full line-up for this exciting gig includes The Big Pink, who were featured in the BBC’s Influential Sound of 2009 poll. They will be joined by Manchester indie band The Sticks, and punk rock act Thee Vicars. A gig not to be missed, that will lead nicely into the Autumn/Winter season of Top Man Ctrl. Already lined-up to feature are Phoenix (Sept) and Gallows (October). As for the rest of 2009, who knows maybe the star of the show could be you!

To join the Top Man Ctrl experience visit www.myspace.com/topmanctrl