/Bitterside: Start Again (Single)

Bitterside: Start Again (Single)

bittersideMaltese band Bitterside have been playing, gigging, and writing together for around eight years, yet for all intents and purposes they are a brand new, shiny product for the UK audiences. Recently changing their line-up into a trio, they invite listeners everywhere on a new musical journey, which begins with the release of ‘Start Again’ on December 14th.

If first impressions are anything to go by, then this song has the potential to be a huge hit! Sweeping drums are joined by refreshing percussive sounds, and smooth guitar riffs to create a current indie/pop sound. This is joined by quite simple, yet effective lyrics, and a slightly accented vocal delivery. Although some of the lyrics in the chorus weren’t all that clear, there’s not much else I can fault about this song. It’s an enjoyable listen, and ends well with a stripped back guitar arrangement, that perhaps hints at acoustic potential?

Overall, it’s something that can be likened to other indie/pop bands out there at the moment, but with such a strong melody and rhythm, who really cares about comparisons?! I enjoyed this single a lot, and look forward to hearing more from these Maltese sensations; after all who wouldn’t want an extra taste of the Mediterranean!

‘Start Again’ is released on December 14th. For more information visit www.myspace.com/bittersidemusic