/Bishop of Sheffield suggests Lily Allen song for course

Bishop of Sheffield suggests Lily Allen song for course

Reverend Dr Steven Croft has suggested parishioners, who are undertaking a Bible study course, should listen to Lily Allen. The Bishop of Sheffield has drawn up the course and suggests the radio edit of Lily Allen’s the Fear
as one of number of songs that capture a ‘certain spirit’ of contemporary culture.Dr Croft said the Fear would not be played in public worship, but groups could listen if they wanted. He added that the song was ‘clever’ and used interesting puns.

“I think it captures a certain spirit of contemporary culture,” he added.”There is a pretty clear instruction in the book to group leaders to check out the lyrics first and to make sure that they use the version that is played on the radio, not the unexpurgated version,” he said.”I am not commending it as a way to think, but the song sums up a particular way of seeing the world which is very common, which is confused and afraid but also confident.

“I think she has captured something of the spirit of the age there.” The Neil Diamond song Pretty Amazing Grace was also recommended, among other material for the course, including clips from Lord of the Ring: The Return of the King.  Last year Prime Minister David Cameron has said he had forbidden his daughter from listening to Lily Allen as he deemed some of the lyrics ‘unsuitable’ for his six year old.