/Biffy Clyro Dishes Up A Feast Of News Stories!

Biffy Clyro Dishes Up A Feast Of News Stories!

Biffy Clyro, erm who? I’m sure I won’t be the only one who hasn’t heard of this band before, so after some digging around, and help from a resourceful friend, I now know a little about Scotland’s rock band of the moment, and shortly so will you too!

Although the three piece band from Ayrshire are somewhat mysterious when it comes to the origins of their band name, their music is certainly no secret, at least if you’re already an NME/XFM fan. Expect heavy, yet melodic guitar, bass, and drums, some complex arrangements, and frequent comparisons to the likes of Metallica, and Nirvana. They have several record deals, first class radio support, and some excellent chart positions to their name. Some of you may also know/remember their 2007 album ‘Puzzle’, which broke the group into the mainstream. I’m not here to talk about the past though, because Biffy Clyro have news, and quite a bit of it too!

•    First off we bring news of the new Biffy Clyro single ‘Captain’. The new single from the boys is due to be released on October 26th, but before that it’s video time! Oh yes! The video to Captain will be released at http://www.biffyclyro.com on 23rd September, and is sure to prove popular!

•    Where there’s a single, there’s often an album, and Biffy Clyro will release their fifth in a few months time as well. There will be plenty to look forward to from ‘Only Revolutions’, which like their album ‘Puzzle’, was recorded in LA with Garth Richardson (Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chilli Peppers). A very limited edition treat is available for all Biffy Clyro fans, in the form of a ‘mega album’. This includes CD, DVD, and Vinyl versions of the album, a play-along C.D for musicians, and a ‘making of documentary, a signed print, and a full orchestral score! Certainly sounds like you’ll get your money’s worth there!

•    And finally…if all those album treats aren’t enough, there is the Biffy Clyro tour to look forward to. These guys have previously toured with superstar acts such as The Rolling Stones, Queens of the Stone Age, and Linkin Park, now they are going it alone in Winter 2009! They will kick off their tour on November 1st in Dundee, and will finish up in Southampton on the 16th November. I’m sure those that have seen them live before, will agree the stage is set for a veritable rock explosion. Tickets available now!

•    Oh and did we mention the band have a nice shiny new website, with further info on all these, and many other Biffy Clyro news stories. The limited edition album package is also available to pre-order from this address. Make sure you bookmark http://www.biffyclyro.com!