/BeBe Vox: All This Time

BeBe Vox: All This Time

BeBe Vox is a lady who has excelled at sport, studied graphic design, and attended Stage Coach Theatre School, all the while harbouring a passion for music. Her dreams have now borne fruit, thanks to a deal with Manchester based Movation Records, and BeBe will shortly be releasing her debut single ‘All This Time’.

The record is a quite generic Urban Pop Track, with the rapping talents of Ad-apt featuring in among the female vocal lines. The intro reminds me a little of artists like Chipmunk, so I would say it’s on trend, and there’s a catchy hook in the chorus to grab hold of too. The electro/synth music works well with the stylised dance movements and camera work in the video, which also adds a little dash of retro to the mix with a pink TV and various backgrounds. It’s a single that works, is easy to relate to, and will make a good spring/summer tune for the clubs. I think I’m half and half on this one, there is an element of ‘heard it all before’, but there’s an edge hidden in there somewhere too. All This Time has made huge waves in internet pre-order charts, so it will be interesting to see how it does on release. See what you think at www.bebevox.com or download the single from play.com and other outlets from April 26th.