/The Beatles Box Clever This Christmas!

The Beatles Box Clever This Christmas!

_MG_2325v7 copyUnless you’ve been living on the moon recently, you can’t fail to have noticed the shiny new Beatles news stories, merchandise, and of course the good old re-mastered CD’s in the shops. So, if you’re a Beatles fan, or you know one, chances are you’ve been hitting the shops just in time for Christmas, but there’s one thing you might want to add to your list from The Beatles Apple Corps Ltd.

The Beatles Box Of Vision is a storage solution and reading material all in one, packaged up in an elegant linen box with silver embossing, so it’ll look great on display, or of course, under the Christmas Tree. But what is the Box Of Vision, and why will it make a great Christmas Gift?

This gift was previously only available in North America, so it’s new to the UK/European Market, and essentially consists of three books. The first book is all about artwork, and in its 200 pages there are photo’s of every sleeve for the bands UK and American album releases. This includes front and back pages, album inserts, and LP Booklets from The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour. Book Two furthers the album theme, providing a comprehensive guide to all the Beatles UK and US album releases. Expect track listings, text descriptions, and more photos here, it’s like your own personal Beatles Catalogue! Book Three is where the storage element of the product comes in, as this is where you can store all your Beatles C.D’s.

It’s a brand new, shiny product that charts the successful career of one of Britain’s biggest bands. If you’re a Beatles _MG_2419v5 copyfan, the chances are you’ll help make this a collectors item, like so many other items for Beatles Merchandise that have come before. Merchandising companies love to reinvent and repackage music products in any which way they can, but where there are British Pop Icons, there’s always fans, new and old wanting to celebrate them, and their music. So, if you think The Beatles Box Of Vision is a winner this festive season, pop along to www.boxofvision.co.uk for more details, or to order.