/Beatbullyz: Skills

Beatbullyz: Skills

Beatbullyz are vocalist and producer Bully, rapper Bozo, drummer Disco, and turntablist Philonius Funk. Together they are a dance act that consistently sell out venues in their home town of Swindon, and have attracted the attention of the Guardian and BBC Radio. Their new single ‘Skills’ is out soon, and next on my list to review, so lets see what this act have to offer!

My first introduction to this act comes from the radio edit of their single, which wasn’t quite what I was expecting from an electro dance record. I was expecting the odd repeated lyric dotted here and there in the mix, which was the case in the latter part of the track, but there was a surprising amount of singing at the start, which was pretty distinctive. Vocally, the only part I was a little undecided about was the rap, and how well it fitted to the style of the music, but apart from that, the radio edit was well produced, with an interesting ending.

The remixes that follow come courtesy of Dave Silcox, Atomatik, and London Punks, all a little bit different and edgy. The Dave Silcox mix was very beat driven and rhythmic, while the Atomatik mix was quite distorted, and the London Punks created a more ambient, commercial vibe. The latter was my favourite of the three remixes; it was easy to listen to, bouncey, and fun, which is just what a good dance track should be.

It’s fair to say this single will get people dancing, though I’m not sure it will achieve their aim of being something ‘that everyone will own’. It’s not a song I would buy, it’s one for the clubbers, but that’s no bad thing!

‘Skills’ is released on March 22nd. For more information visit www.beatbullyz.com