/Oh Atoms: Sugar Mouse (Single Review)

Oh Atoms: Sugar Mouse (Single Review)

From republicmedia.net
From republicmedia.net

Acoustic/Folk music often seems like it comes from another world, a world where imagination runs on overdrive, to produce something, well, completely random. Gwen and Marc, otherwise known as ‘Oh Atoms’ have embraced this to the full with their debut single ‘Sugar Mouse’.

Impressively, the duo can play a variety of instruments, including violins, banjos, keyboards, and some percussion instruments you don’t get to hear that often in mainstream music. Many of these instruments make an appearance on ‘Sugar Mouse’. The intro of the song has a somewhat oriental feel and it leads nicely into a lyric full of confectionery analogies. In this context, a lyric that veers towards ‘bubblegum’ works well, without becoming over cheesy. Its youthful innocence could be one of the things that caught the attention of the music supervisor, who signed this song up to appear in British movie ‘Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging’.

The vocal tones of Gwen and Marc create a wistful, almost dreamy atmosphere, and combined with the pleasant, well arranged melodies, make this very easy to listen to. I’m sure people have been singing along and tapping their feet to this at the bands live gigs, which have included a residency at The Betsy Trotwood in London.

‘Let’s Go Away’, the B-Side to Sugar Mouse isn’t quite as strong and flowing as its predecessor. The guitar based melody is quite jaunty, but there’s not so much in the way of lyrics, which leaves you wanting more in terms of storytelling. What lyrics there are tell a tale of someone dreaming of a long hot summer, which is something every Brit can relate to.

In the press info that accompanies this single, ‘Oh Atoms’ describe their influences as dead film stars, 1930’s tea dances, and Victorian darkness. This is a duo that obviously likes to play on their eccentric/alternative sides. View the video to Sugar Mouse at www.myspace.com/ohatoms and you’ll see further evidence of this. All in all a fun act who if nothing else, will certainly refresh the sometimes samey world of acoustic music.