/Atomic Floyd: HiDefJax Headphones Review

Atomic Floyd: HiDefJax Headphones Review

Christmas is fast approaching, and no doubt all you music fans out there are filling your Christmas lists with CD’s, and requests for download vouchers. Then of course there are the gadgets and accessories that enhance your listening experience! Trying out some of these products is definitely a perk of the job, and hopefully will give you a few shopping ideas too.

The product I’m trying out today is from the Atomic Floyd range of Headphones. A newish brand on the market, the product features include durable materials, noise reduction technology, flexible in-ear comfort, and world class acoustics. All in all they promise the ultimate sound experience, whether you’re using the Air Jax Titanium 2, HiDefJaz Acoustic Steel, new product TwistJax Acoustic Steel, AirDrum or HiDefDrum models. The latter two are I-Phone compatible, and will offer crystal clear sound whether you’re listening to music or making phone calls. These headphones are at the very top of the market, and retail at around £90-£150.

The Review:

The product Atomic Floyd have given me to try is the HiDefJax Headphones, and if first impressions are anything to go by, I was quite impressed. The stylish, dark, and very sturdy packaging suggests a high-end product, which is displayed very well within the box. At first I was a little daunted at reviewing such a high-end accessory. I had no idea you could buy headphones in that price bracket, but I soon got into my stride, and have plenty of observations to share.

Look and Feel of the Product:

The headphones look very stylish, and just like the box they came in seem very sturdy too. The long cord can easily be folded up/in when you put your mp3 player in a pocket or bag, which can be a problem with slippy wires on cheaper models. Also in the box are two adaptors. There was nothing to explain what the second long one was for, but the first is a standard two prong adaptor for travelling. There’s also a handy little pouch to put the adaptors, and the different size ear buds in, which was a nice surprise. I’ve not seen ear pieces designed quite like this before, and could’ve done with some hints on how to fit them. I’m still not convinced I’ve got it quite right, but once in the ear, they are comfortable.

The Listening Experience:

I didn’t know what to expect when it came to the noise isolation part of the product, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not a product that will cut out loud noises such as someone thumping up the stairs, but it does completely block out some noises such as footsteps, rustling clothes, cutting paper. There were still sounds I could hear quite clearly, but was somehow less aware of. Perhaps not an ideal product for cyclists, and people crossing roads that frequently have their music on! There is one safety aspect to consider though, and that is you don’t need to turn up the volume so loud. Some people enjoy the music blasting in their ear drums. My problem was that certain styles of songs just didn’t work quietly; you couldn’t get into a rock or dance piece if the volume was down low. I tested these types of songs on both my original, £5 model and the HiDefJax, and found that I could enjoy the songs on the latter at a lesser volume. The heavy musical arrangements weren’t quite so overpowering at close range either.

The Sound:

Before starting my review I was dubious as to whether I’d be able to comment much on the sound, and feel the difference, but give it long enough and I think everyone will appreciate the quality of this product. The headphones give a nice quality to the music, especially with acoustic and orchestral tracks. The output as promised does seem very balanced.

The Overall Verdict:

I think these headphones are a product that should be given to people who will appreciate them. Some people I feel wouldn’t necessarily notice or credit the various features of the product, and so the money might be wasted. They will appeal to any kind of serious sound buff, or music fan though. I had quite a chilled and enjoyable listening experience, and would certainly rate the product highly. Would I spend the money and choose an Atomic Floyd product if I was faced with one in the shops? I’m not sure, but it’s certainly made me think of the quality of the product I have been using, and I would definitely think about investing in a better quality, more durable pair of headphones in the future.

To find out more about the Atomic Floyd range of headphones, local stockists, and new product releases please visit www.atomicfloyd.com