/AT8: Adams Party (Single)

AT8: Adams Party (Single)

AT8 almost casually describe themselves on their press release as ‘two guitars and a drum machine’, which seems quite modest, given that the sound they have created has already seen them support Girls Aloud on tour, before they’ve even released their debut single!

The said debut single, called ‘Adams Party’ see’s Thalia and Amber go in search of some fun, after being missed off the guest list for a party. The lyrical theme isn’t really anything new or exciting, but the poetic nature of some parts is appealing. Phrases like ‘mirror mirror on the wall, we aint going to the ball’ raise a smile. It’s youthful, tongue in cheek fun that goes well with the music. The melodies are essentially radio friendly pop/punk, with some rocky guitar jams, and a little bit of indie creeping in during the verses. The energy they put into their performance is quite refreshing, though as with the lyrics there’s a sense of déjà vu.

There’s one thing that is surprising, and a little exciting about this band though, and that’s the vocals! To be honest, I was expecting something a bit raw and rough round the edges, given that they are a punk band, but how wrong can you be! Both girls have an impressive vocal range/presence, and can move between pure pop harmonies and indie with ease.

Overall, I think the record company is sticking to a safe, and tested formula with this song, which does what it sets out to do and nothing more. Thalia and Amber have the potential, personality, and vocal ability, to go further in the industry though, and I hope they are given a chance to further develop as AT8.

‘Adams Party’ is released on Metropolis Music Records on October 5th. For news, and gig dates visit www.myspace.com/at8official