/Ashley Cole Wants Music Career After Football

Ashley Cole Wants Music Career After Football

The Chelsea left-back has told MTV that he‘d like to work in the music industry once he has retired from football. Speaking at the opening of the new Nike Town in Oxford Street, the Chelsea star said he’s been inspired by a certain UK rapper. “I’ve met Tinchy Stryder a few times” he explained. “He’s from the same area I grew up (East London). It’s nice to see him doing well for himself. Coming from the same area and growing up with a similar background, you get to know these guys better.”

When probed as to whether he would like to own his own record label, the England defender said: ‘Hopefully. There are a few people I have spoken to and other footballers who are involved in music’. “I love listening to music and meeting people like Tinchy. So it is definitely something I would like to get involved with once I’m finished”.

When quizzed on what he listened to in the dressing room, Cole said: : “I like Tinie Tempah, some 50 Cent, Eminem. As long as it gets me pumped for the game it’s good.”