/Ashley Cole to enter UK Music scene?

Ashley Cole to enter UK Music scene?

Rumours are rife that the Chelsea and England football star Ashley Cole is set to enter the UK music scene, with a helping hand from the music sensation Jay-Z. It is believed that Cole would like to extend his business ventures into the entertainment and music markets of the UK and that the owner of Roc Nation, Jay Z, has been brought in to help him achieve this goal.

This would not be an unusual collaboration as both individuals already have a close bond, according to reports. Cole knows the rapper from the days he visited music gigs with his wife Cheryl Cole. Although the couple have now split up, Cole and Jay Z are believed to have maintained a close bond. The international rapper Jay Z is also rumoured to wish to extend his investments into football clubs, he already holds a stake in a US basketball team, the New Jersey Jets.

According to experts within the UK music industry Ashley Cole is well known for his love for hip hop and r’n’b music. Having spent numerous years married to a pop star it is also believed that Cole now has a significant knowledge regarding how the music industry operates.

Whilst Cole is expected to remain playing football for a considerable number of years to come, he is obviously keen to branch out his investments to ensure that he has things to occupy his time when he does retire. One thing which is for sure, is that Cole will not require any financial investment from other people in order to enter the market as he has already earned significant amounts from his footballing career.

The Chelsea and England football player met the hip hop star Jay Z in 2009 at a concert, the two have been in contact ever since this.

The arrangement which the two individuals will or may hold has not been announced although it is believed that some form of collaboration will occur. The record company which is owned by Jay Z has recently become more active within the UK music industry and therefore this may give a clue as to the sort of role which Cole may play.

Roc Nation has recently signed the UK group Three Six Zero, this is in hope to boost sales within Europe.