/Arctic Monkeys on the Market?

Arctic Monkeys on the Market?

The Sheffield based band the Arctic Monkeys have been taking many headlines recently and this looks likely to continue. The band who have recently announced their tour dates for January 2012 in Australia are also likely to enter a record label bidding war.

The band are currently signed to the Domino record label although this is due to come to and end very soon due to the contract finishing. Such news has caught the eye of many record labels who are now set to make the boys numerous offers in an attempt to entice them away from Domino and towards their own labels.

Their recent album Suck It And See which was their fourth album and which has also been recognised as the Best Album at the Mojo Awards will be the last album under their current record contract. There is very little doubt that a new deal is now being negotiated with Domino, although this will not stop other record labels attempting to sign the band and tempt them away.

What must be considered is that the record label Domino is the label that helped the Arctic Monkeys achieve fame and fortune. Known for being a very caring and active record label, Domino, have helped to nurture the four piece band from a small indie outfit in Sheffield to an internationally recognised band.

It has been suggested that a source close to the band has revealed that the bands management is ready to meet new record labels and to listen to offers they have. It is unlikely that any record label would not want to sign the band, they would be a huge coup for any label right now. The Arctic Monkeys appear to be guaranteed success due to their massive fan base world wide. Whenever the band have a tour or concert within the UK it sells out in an instance and this is something which would be very appealing to any record label.

At present the band have a very good and close relationship with Domino record label, especially as the founder Laurence Bell has away given them a large amount of creative control over what they produce. Domino will obviously be very keen to keep the band, although they are likely to see huge competition from other major record labels from across the world.