/Arctic Monkeys Change Single Date

Arctic Monkeys Change Single Date

The recent riots throughout the UK have had a serious impact upon people’s lives and businesses. It has emerged that the Sheffield band the Arctic Monkeys has also had its plans disrupted by the riots. The band were due to release their new single The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala on Monday 15th August but this was stopped after it became apparent that a warehouse destroyed in London was holding most of the CD inventory.

The warehouse was destroyed by fire in London last week and it was owned by Sony Dadc distribution, it is believed that numerous other artists have been affected by this fire. The band opted to delay the release of their single as they are worried that the sales would not be what could be, they were extremely worried about not being able to meet the demand for CDs.

A spokesperson for the band revealed that they were obviously very thankful that no one had been hurt during the incident, although at the same time they were very upset to have had their stock destroyed. Numerous other bands who are signed at independent labels also had their stock holding within the warehouse which was torched, these bands are likely to have been impacted upon in a great way.

As a way to try and rectify the situation the Arctic Monkeys are now hoping that online downloads will take the place of CD sales. Only a limited number of CDs will be made available and it will be down to the band to try and encourage online downloads. A television campaign has already begun to try and entice music fans into downloading the music rather than buying it.

The new singly which is part of the Suck It and See album is likely to be received extremely well upon its release. The album went straight to number one on its release and it has proven popular within numerous other countries. There has been controversy in some countries over the album name selected by the band, with some music stores refusing to have the front album cover showing to the public.

Fans of the Arctic Monkeys are being asked to donate money to a charity that has been created to raise money for record labels who have suffered as a consequence of the fire, the charity is LabelLove.