/Arctic Monkeys Take Break from Recording

Arctic Monkeys Take Break from Recording

The Arctic Monkeys have revealed that they will be taking a break from recording any further material. It is believed that the band will take time off before they hit the studios again in 2013. The Arctic Monkeys become the latest band to announce that they take a break from music; numerous other bands have recently announced they will have a two year break from music recording.

The success that the band has achieved since gaining a rise to fame has been unquestionable. The lads from Sheffield have enjoyed number one singles, albums and numerous sell out tours. The success had not just been in the UK, the band have become increasingly popular over the pond in America.

Their recent album Suck It and See achieved a number one spot just like their previous albums. Although despite this success, questions have been raised relating to the quality of material and performances that the band has been producing. Some fans criticised recent festival performances stating that they lacked the usual stage presence that the band offers. There had been numerous rumours stating that there was a rift in the band due to band members disagreeing about the future direction of the band.

Suck It and See the bands most recent album became their fourth consecutive number on album, some music experts suggested the band had been successful off the back of their name.

The band front man Alex Turner has stated that he requires time off to get some inspiration for lyrics. He has suggested that he has struggled for inspiration since he left Sheffield and became famous.

Turner suggested that it was difficult to perform the old chip shop rock ‘n’ roll when they have already done this kind of thing. He stated that the band rarely hang around chippies anymore so the inspiration isn’t really present.

Whilst the band will not record new material until 2013 they have stated that they will focus on touring instead. Turner stated that the tour would not provide inspiration for lyrics as material that has been written on the road previously has not met the mark.

The band will start a ten date UK tour in Nottingham on October 28th.