/Apple iCloud Music Service Delayed

Apple iCloud Music Service Delayed

The launch of the Apple iClous Music Service has been delayed within the UK as negotiations with record labels have delayed the launch. The iCloud service will allow users of Apple iTunes to upload the music that is on their desktop on to the recently launched cloud service. This would benefit users as an online space is crated that users can access at any time, the music is stored on the servers of Apple which is why this is known as the cloud. Cloud Computing appears to be the most popular business model being adopted by many different companies at present including Apple and Amazon.

The music service that is to be launched by Apple will allow users to access their music from iTurnes on their iPhone, iPad or iPod at any time. The service has also been created in a way that would allow new downloaded music to be automatically updated across the installed devices.

The service will launch in the US this year although music industry experts in the UK believe that the launch here will not happen until next year at the earliest. The problems with delay appear to be due to licensing agreements, record companies are fighting for royalties in relation to the publishing and redistribution rights regarding music.

Apple are currently in talks with the Performing Rights Society who are responsible for collecting the royalties on behalf of artists. There have been concerns raised in regards to how secure the process will be and whether this service would allow people who had not purchased the music to access it for free.

Apple must now demonstrate to the UK music industry that this service will be totally secure and that only people who have paid for music will be able to access the tracks.