/The Answer – On and On Review

The Answer – On and On Review

CD review
Artist: The Answer
Title: ‘On and On’

‘On and On’ is the first release to precede the second album from Irish four-piece The Answer. Currently only available digitally, this one-track single comes out as the band prepare to bring their AC/DC tour support to the UK for summer dates.

Unleashing their musical assault with all the fury of Appetite For Destruction-era G’N’R, The Answer certainly take no prisoners and for those of you searching for an alternative to the indie/mockney/eurodance clogging the charts, The Answer could be just what their name suggests!

Okay, so they’re certainly not breaking boundaries and although over the years there’s been dozens of bands like this playing the local pub every Saturday night, every once in a while a couple, for some reason, are hailed as saviours of Rock ‘n’ Roll. And despite any similarities to any other rock band you could file The Answer alongside, they just come across as one of the few worth checking out.

I must admit I find much of this kind of music a rehash of the guitar bands who’ve already been there and done it, and in most cases better too (Aerosmith, the aforementioned G’N’R etc, who, let’s be honest are more than open to their influences, from Delta Blues to ZZ Top) so whether this band is the answer you’re hoping for, or they’re a 2+2=5 kind of answer, is completely up in the air and down to personal taste.

Certainly good at what they do, and backed by the AC/DC vote of confidence, follow the link for details on The Answer appearances. Please remember some of these may be support slots.


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