/The Answer – Everyday Demons review

The Answer – Everyday Demons review

CD Review
Artist: The Answer
Album title: Everyday Demons

Recently I wrote a review of a one-track promo by The Answer. I may have said that it it was up in the air whether it’d be your cup of tea, and yes I suppose that’s still the case, we all have different tastes after all. Well, unless you already have, please go and read that review, taking a pinch of salt with you, and when you get back I’ll have finished listening to their album (and eating this last slice of humble pie) so I can tell you what it’s all about.

In short, the follow up to their 100,000+ selling debut, ‘Rise’, released in 2006, ‘Everyday Demons’ is a collection of great rock songs, brilliantly written and executed by the foursome from Downpatrick, Northern Ireland.

Frontman Cormac Neeson, coming across as a Robert Plant or Bon Scott for the twenty-first century, doesn’t take long warming his vocals before going into overdrive singing opening track ‘Demon Eyes’. For guitar fans left disappointed by Velvet Revolvers’ demise and Axl’s recent comments on Slash, effectively putting the final nail in the reunion coffin, you will be delighted to hear the sound of Paul Mahons’ guitar. Turned up to eleven (it sounds more like twelve but I’ll hold back until I get confirmation) it’s the perfect remedy and reply to all the ‘no solos’ bands out there.

‘Why’d You Change Your Mind’ creeps along ominously before finally exploding into the chorus. You get the feeling Cormac couldn’t keep his enthusiasm¬† and energy bottled up any longer! There’s some great guitar playing (air guitarists everywhere at the ready) before The Answer quicken their pace and unleash rock ‘n’ roll fury before winding the song down.

With The Answer sharing AC/DC’s Australian record label and supporting them on their North American tour, it’s easy to draw comparisons, but the dynamics in The Answer’s music gives the required level of variety to make every song stand out, drummer James Heatley stating his case through the introduction of ‘Too Far Gone’.

The only time The Answer take their foot of the gas, and ultimately let the standard slip a little, is on the unfortunately-titled ‘Comfort Zone’. Sounding like a throwaway Velvet Revolver song, the band are evidently in their comfort zone when going full throttle and simply rocking out in the style exemplified throughout the rest of the album.

Album-closer ‘Evil Man’ sounds a bit like Pearl Jam’s ‘Glorified G’ from their ‘Vs’ album, and despite being a good song, it doesn’t quite satisfy me as a tune to end the album. I think ‘Dead Of The Night’ or recent single ‘On And On’ tick more boxes for that role, both solid rock numbers that blast energy out of the stereo speakers.

Songs like ‘Pride’ and ‘Walkin’ Mat’ make sure the album doesn’t dip in the middle. “Throw your stones and break my back/curse my name for all you like…” roars Cormac on the latter.

With more support and headline shows alike being announced every week, it’s clear The Answer have no intention of resting on their laurels. They obviously enjoy what they do, and do what they do very well!

The Answer play several dates across the pond in New York and Los Angeles before heading back to the UK via Europe and Japan for more dates. Based on this album I would definitely recommend going to see this band. You can check their tour schedule and get more information about The Answer through the following links;


The album ‘Everyday Demons’ is available from March 2nd.