/Angel: There’s A Girl (Single/Video)

Angel: There’s A Girl (Single/Video)

If you’re looking for song lyrics rippling with emotion this Spring, then I may just have found you the ideal track, in the shape of the new single from a singer-songwriter based in London. Angel may already be familiar to some, as she has been working on the live circuit for seven years, and collaborated with ‘DG Yola’ on his track ‘You and Me’, which has received national radio airplay.

In terms of illustrating what Angel is about, this first single is a pretty good attempt. It combines a variety of blues, soul, and pop influences, though to mixed effect. The track started off strongly with a mature, chilled piano intro, and had a pleasingly soft vocal touch towards the end, but the middle part of the song is a bit inconsistent vocally, and I’m not sure how well the piano and drums were balanced in the production. That said, I enjoyed the lyrical story of a person hiding things behind a smile, and Angel’s vocal tone grew on me after a few listens too.

The video to accompany this song, was shot quite simply, and sincerely, and goes well with the song. The performance shots in front of the mike were a little too dark for me, but other than that it was a good video to watch. After watching this video, and listening to the song. I would say Angel is an artist with potential, who, when she masters a consistent vocal performance, and adds a more powerful chorus to the mix, will stand out in the crowd more. Not quite there yet, but certainly something different for Spring 2010.

Angel releases ‘There’s A Girl’ on April 11th  via I-Tunes and all other download sites. For more information visit www.myspace.com/angelconstantine or www.angelmusics.com