/Amy Winehouse Tribute Concert

Amy Winehouse Tribute Concert

The life of music sensation Amy Winehouse continues to be celebrated by her many fans. The music world lost an incredible star when this young singer died in a controversial manner. Ever since her death, people have celebrated her life and there has also been numerous ceremonies to celebrate her life.

A benefit concert has now been announced by Amy Winehouse’s ever supportive dad Mitch. The benefit concert will be a tribute to the life of the singer and is intended to raise money for the Amy Winehouse foundation.

The singer died at the young age of twenty-seven and she joined many other music stars that have recently passed away.

Artists that will perform at the concert include Lily Allen and Jessie J.

The list of those that will perform at the concert is expected to extend dramatically.

Many musical greats have paid tribute to the star for being an excellent advocate of music and she offered a different kind of music in the opinion of many people.

The music of Amy Winehouse has continued to sell extremely well and is likely to continue to do so into 2012.