/Has Amy Winehouse lost the plot?

Has Amy Winehouse lost the plot?

There are fears for the mental state of singing superstar Amy Winehouse after she reportedly lost the plot at a recent recording session for her up and coming third album, ‘Back to Black’ (dubbed ‘Back to Blake’ by many in the media). 

The fallen idol has caused great upset amongst her fans over the last few months with disastrous concerts, shocking headlines in the press and concerns about the state of her mental health.  While there are unconfirmed reports that she recently tried to end her own life, surely now is the time for her management company to take the reins and give her the help she needs?

Unless Amy Winehouse receives the long term help which she so obviously requires we are unlikely to see the fresh faced youth who burst onto the music scene ever again.  She has the talent, she has the fans and all she needs to do now is to find herself.

Let us hope that we are writing about her recovery in 12 months times because the alternative does not bear thinking about.