/Amy Winehouse Gains New Record

Amy Winehouse Gains New Record

The recent tragic loss of pop star Amy Winehouse has raised great controversy within the media. Speculation continues to surround her death despite information being released last week which showed that no illegal drugs were in the body of the music star when she died. It had been suggested that the singer may have died from an overdoes, Winehouse was open with her fans and admitted she was addicted to drugs as well as alcohol. The news that an overdose of illegal drugs was not the cause has now raised further questions including how she did in fact die.

The tragic fall of the star has seen her music sales increase rapidly, this is often the case when a popular music artist passes away unexpectedly, for example Michael Jackson achieved phenomenal sales. Amy Winehouse has also managed excellent sales and has in fact broken a record. The Official Charts Company has now announced that the singer now owns the record for the highest selling album in a certain period of time, the number of copies sold totals 3,259,100.

This record had previously been held by James Blunt for his debut album Back to Bedlam in 2005, this sold 3,241,118 copies.

Back to Black the second album from Amy Winehouse returned to number one upon her death being announced, it remained here for several weeks until last week when it was knocked from the top spot by Nero’s Welcome Reality.

Tributes to celebrate the life of the singer continue to be held and many fans still struggle to get over the loss of the controversial music star. A special tribute has been organised by MTV and this will be held at the MTV Video Music Awards. It is believed that the former duet star from Winehouse’s single Body and Soul, Tony Bennett will perform. Bennett has stated that recording with Amy Winehouse was incredible and stated that Amy was a true genius musician who should be remembered forever.

Amy’s dad Mitch who has been at the side of his daughter throughout her career has also revealed that he will be a supporting act for the former Bros singer Mott Goss. Mitch has revealed a tribute Vegas themed show will be held at the London Royal Albert Hall to celebrate the life of his daughter.