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Made In America

The sun must be shining on music.co.uk at the moment, as we’ve recently had some emails through direct from America! That’s right we’re taking a trip across the Atlantic to bring you some nice shiny new song previews, one of which won’t be released until December. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our slice of American music.

First up today, we take a trip across the Atlantic and say hello to Deep Rooted. Deep Rooted are a San Diego based Urban Music Collective who are releasing their debut single ‘Crazy’ on August 24th. This is a song for those who like their beats bass heavy, and enjoy underground/electronic/grime influences in music. I prefer the more commercial end of urban music, and was a bit uneasy listening to some of the sounds that echoed throughout the track. However, I do think there is a big market for this style of music in the U.K, and I’m not surprised to hear it’s already receiving rave reviews from our D.J’s. What I see as the strength in Deep Rooted however, is their Soul Jams, as illustrated in ‘From The Heart’, another track that was sent through. This song has a lovely summery vibe, laced with hints of The Fugees which is much easier to listen to. The male vocal is more distinctive, and this style of song is the best way to showcase singer/model Brea’s voice. Listen out for childlike fantasy in lyrical phrases like “circle round the atlas with my first book of magic too”. Check the band out for yourself and see which of their styles you prefer. Their Myspace link is www.myspace.com/deeprootedent. They also have a video up online for Crazy. To view this visit their youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LASs0A5hCg.
I’ve also received what I think is the sites first ever movie soundtrack song, it’s almost like being in Hollywood! ‘The Women Is The Way’ is the end title song on new motion picture ‘Powder Blue’. With a line-up that includes Dirty Dancing star Patrick Swayze, Jessica Biel, and Forest Whitaker, Powder Blue sounds like a great film, but today I am here purely to review the end title song. This track is performed by The Sleeping Masses, a band headed up by US Actor Patrick Muldoon, who you may have seen in Starship Troopers or Stigmata. For me, it’s a song that will touch anyone who likes poetic, slightly emotive lyrics, and those who have some patience. It took a while for the song to really get going, and just as you start to wonder if it ever will, in comes the whole band, and that’s when it sounds like a song that really belongs on a film soundtrack. Patrick’s voice reminds me a little of old school pop/rockers like Bryan Adams, and although the music lacks some of the soaring melodies of Snow Patrol, it is slowly heading in that direction. It does have a certain charm, but I just think it needs more of a punch from the start. That said, it has ignited my interest in both the film, and the band, so in some ways, it’s job done! When the song is released in the U.K on December 14th, the C.D package will also include a video (with clips of the film) and two other tracks, so something to look out for.

More exclusive previews coming soon, including a review of the brilliant new album from The Library Suits called Suffer:Recover. It might not be released until later in the year, but it’s well worth waiting for we can promise you that!

If you’re a singer or in a band and would like your music reviewed then please get in touch via lauren.john@music.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.