/Alex Roots: Don’t Stop Looking (Single)

Alex Roots: Don’t Stop Looking (Single)

alex-roots-4-003-2Alex Roots is a lady that seems to be hitting the headlines quite a bit recently, with various media/online press comparing her to everyone from Cyndi Lauper, to Abba, and Gwen Stefani. She has gained attention from broadsheets, teen magazines, Pop Justice, and the likes of NME. But what’s behind the hype and attention, and is this 16 year old singer really any good? Only one way to find out!

The first word that comes to mind when I listen to Alex Roots is ‘retro’, and not that I am comparing her to the annoying Daphne and Celeste, but it’s their era of punchy pop that I’m vaguely reminded of. The Alex Roots style is definitely firmly rooted in pop/punk, with the signature quirkiness surrounding the vocals. There’s an obvious youthful energy to ‘Don’t Stop Looking’ as well, and the beat is quite catchy which I like. The lyrics are also quite fun, but there’s one thing I don’t hold with, and that’s remixes. Very few seem to get, and keep my attention, and the repetitive beats just go on far too long. But that’s just my opinion, and clubbing fans among you may find the Sharp Boys and Heavy Feet remixes quite refreshing. That said, there is one remix that does stand out on this single, and that’s the instrumental one. I really enjoyed listening to this, and found my toes tapping to the beats. Well written and produced, with, dare I say a hint of Queen in the guitar arrangements.

Whilst I wasn’t really charmed by the remixes, it’s hard not to get into the song itself in one way or another. It’s also refreshing to hear and see a young artist out having fun, and singing songs that are right for her age. It will be interesting to see how this song does in the market, and what else Alex Roots has in store for us.

‘Don’t Stop Looking’ is released on September 7th.
Web link: www.alexroots.net